Feathers fly in Philo.
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Darkroom to Digital” debuted this evening on Oregon Public Television’s Art Beat. The documentary runs a little under an hour and covers the history of photography in Oregon through to the first wholly mobile photography show this summer at The Arts Center in Corvallis: "Expanding Visions."

For a short doc, this is a pretty fascinating survey that concentrates on the development of photography as an art form in Portland. Some interesting background about Minor White’s influence among Oregon photographers.

I’m delighted and honored that my piece, “The Newborn, 4," opens the section of the program on the "Expanding Visions Show." 

Watch the entire program online here:


"The Newborn, 4," was also featured in the Summer, 2014, issue of the Oregon Humanities Magazine in the Back Page story announcing the “Expanding Visions” Show. 


@jameswdelano for @icp | Irrigation piping to feed water to fields of grain on a high plateau above Kawkaban at 3,000m while clouds from moisture pushed up mountains from the Red Sea build in the background, Yemen.

90% of Yemen’s is used for small scale farming like this. Half of that water is diverted away from growing food crops to grow qat, a mild narcotic which is legal in Yemen. The Times of London suggested that Yemen could be the first country to run out of water and that the capital city of Sana’a, with a population of 2 million could run out of water in a decade or sooner if the population continues to increase.
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"We were positively encouraged to create for ourselves minds we would want to live with. I had teachers articulate that to me: ‘You have to live with your mind your whole life.’ You build your mind, so make it into something you want to live with. Nobody has ever said anything more valuable to me."


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